Multiple Intelligence by Prof. SK Dadar
Multiple Intelligence Theory

Multiple Intelligence

You must have heard this word Multiple Intelligence but do you know what is means and how it is related to you and your kid.

Those who are reading this blog might be Parents, Teachers, Scholars, or may be Students. But if you have reached this blog so far, it means you must be facing issues with the career of either your near and dear ones or may be yourself. It may be possible that you are not happy with your work. If that is the case you are at the right place. Stay tuned !

Lets begin...!

What is Multiple Intelligence?

Intelligence is the ability of an individual to understand, to learn, or to solve a problem. Dr Harvard Gardner (a graduate of Harvard University and a developmental psychologist) in 1983 developed a theory of Multiple Intelligence. Gardner said, intelligence is a bio-psychological potential to process information that can be used to solve problems or to create useful products. Gardner's MI Theory talks about 8 types of intelligence, i.e. Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Spatial, Musical, Naturalist, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal.

How Multiple Intelligence Theory can help your child?

Multiple Intelligence
Multiple Intelligence Test and Analysis by Prof. SK Dadar

Everyone has all 8 intelligence to some degree, but each of us has our own pattern of stronger and weaker Intelligence. for example, If a child is good in singing or he can play a rhythm easily possess high Musical Intelligence, however if one can observe well others and can easily identify how the other person feels possess high Interpersonal Intelligence. The degree of a particular intelligence in a particular person may vary but can't be zero.

Although, which individual possess what kind of intelligence and in what quantity can only be understood by gaining the insight of a particular person's behavioural pattern, interests, likes or dislikes etc. This can be done with the help of a tool (questionnaire based test) termed as Multiple Intelligence Test.

When children feel safe, calm, peaceful, and emotionally stable they are able to concentrate on learning, exploring, and growing. It is our responsibility to provide this type of environment for children. If we can show children we care and we truly want them to succeed, it provides them another layer of security that can help them to grow.

These 8 type of Multiple Intelligence are :

1. Intrapersonal Intelligence: If your child is adept at looking inward and figuring out their own feelings with an introspective nature to analyze himself then it is clear that your kid has intrapersonal intelligence. A child with this kind of intelligence has their own limits, abilities and they often learn independently through reflection. They prefer to do things alone on their own and learn from their success and failures.

2. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence: Do you feel that your child need things measured, categorized, analyzed, or quantified in some way? If yes then you can say that your child possess Logical intelligence. Those with Logical-Mathematical intelligence can easily understand complex problems. They asks questions, finds solutions, and reflects on the problem-solving process. They do investigation by means of the scientific method. They trust hard facts and numerical data with accuracy and precision. People with this kind of intelligence can be Accountant, Computer Programmer or Engineer.

3. Musical Intelligence: As a parent you must have noticed that your kid has a pleasant singing voice or he often talk about playing a musical instrument. If yes, it means your child has Musical Intelligence running within. These kids can recognize sounds and tones with ease and love music & rhythm. They have a “good ear” for music and can learn songs and melodies. People with musical intelligence are good at imitating sounds and can choose Music as a career.

4. Linguistic Intelligence: Have you ever find that your child use words effectively for reading, writing, listening, and telling stories ? People with Linguistic intelligence love words and are rich in vocabularies. Those who possess this type of intelligence can learn different languages easily. They have a good career scope in public speaking, debate type activities, or taking leadership, storytellers, politicians, comedians, and writers.

5.Naturalist Intelligence : Do your child like spending time in nature or having animals around the house? Possibly he is a Naturalist. People with sensitivity and appreciation for nature falls in this category. They find comfort and can relate to their natural surroundings and have special ability to grow plants, vegetables and fruit. They have an affinity for animals and are good at training and understanding them. Naturalists love to walk, climb, camp and enjoy the outdoors with a vision of taking inspiration from nature.

6. Interpersonal Intelligence: If your kid love social interactions and is able to establish rapport with strangers and make friends easily has interpersonal intelligence. He/She must be good at making friends and can easily understand others. Children with this type of intelligence can learn through Interaction, dialogue and lively discussions. You must be happy because your kid seems to be a natural leader.

7.Spatial Intelligence: If your kid score more marks in geometry than algebra, then try noticing that he must have liking for drawing and he has a good sense of colours. These are good at remembering images and often enjoy maps. They have a keen sense of direction, a sharp sense of space, distance and measurement with the ability to learn well through visual aids such as graphs, diagrams, pictures and colorful displays. Let him move forward in this direction.

8. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence: Children who enjoy sports and outdoors activities that require physical exertion or prefer dance or any kind of creative movement possess Kinesthetic intelligence. They can't sit still for long periods of time. They use their body to express themselves. Observe your child, their is a good scope to be a sports person or can have a good dance career waiting for him.

Important advice for Parents !

You must be living in stress because your child is not doing good in academics or did't perform well in the recent examinations. If your child does't score good in mathematics or science, you feel ashamed that your kid is not intelligent. If that is the case, then I suggest that the children are not at fault. Its your responsibility to understand that if your child is unable to learn with the traditional methods of learning then you must change the style of teaching. Everybody is different and has their own style of learning and understanding.

I have a true story of a girl, when in school she finds it very difficult to understand and learn the subjects. she always wonder what is wrong with me. why i feel different than others. she seeks someone to help her out. but unable to make her situation understandable to others even her parents. Deep inside she knows that something needs to be changed but she was so innocent and young that she thought this imbalance in her life is her faults. Years passed and she wasted precious years of her life doing what is not meant for her. Lately she realized that she was on the wrong track and need to change the choices that she made under pressure of her parents or the society.

So, I request to all parents and teachers don't drag too much for numbers in the score card of a child. Just observe the Intelligence pattern which he or she possess and get instant results to see how wonders happen in their life. Just imagine this simple and easy step by you can change things forever if taken at the right time.

Call us at 7500993300, if you want us to help you or your child.

This little step can make a huge difference in the future of young generation. So, don't waste time and take right decision now !

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