• SK Dadar

How to promote content on Social Media ? Here are few tips

Social media is an ideal place to promote your content, as those following your accounts already know your brand and likely look forward to the content that you post. Here are nine ideas to help you promote content on social media.

One warning about social media, however, is that different sites prioritize different factors when determining which posts users see first. In other words, just because you were the latest to post something doesn't mean a follower will see your content when he or she logs on. Keep that in mind as you implement these ideas.

1. Update your cover photo to promote the content. If using Facebook, link to the offer in the photo's description.

2. Pin a post to the top of your page linking to the landing page of your content.

3. Add a link to the offer in your business page's bio.

4. Post several times a week to the piece of content, varying the images and copy you use in each post, for several weeks (or months).

5. Create a hashtag for the campaign or the offer and utilize it in your posts.

Join a group on Facebook or LinkedIn and start a discussion.

6. If you have a group of your own, send out the content to all group members.

Promote the offer in your social media stories.

7. Make the content offer appear on your Facebook Messenger when visitors come to your page.

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